Cleaning Sticky Wooden Banisters

Cleaning sticky wooden banisters is easier than you think! Just a bit of wiping with the right product and you have clean, fresh banisters in no time!

The humidity combined with the dirt, oils, and dust on wooden railings will make them sticky.

What causes wooden banisters to get sticky?

I will be the first to tell you that I am not very good at keeping a clean house. Dishes sit stacked in the sink, they spill over onto the countertop and sometimes the large pots have to sit on the floor waiting for someone to pick them up and put them in the sink to be washed.

Motivation To Clean A Sticky Wooden Banister

Cleaning Sticky Wooden Banisters

Have you ever had a pedicure where the dead skin just ROLLS off your feet? Not to be gross, but that is exactly what it was like cleaning this banister. The gunk was ROLLING off the wood.

Murphy Oil Soap is best for sticky banisters

Wipe down the banisters of loose dirt. Use a Scotch-Brite pad with the scrubby on the one side because I knew this banister needed HELP.

Steps for cleaning sticky wood

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