This copycat Starbucks medicine ball recipe is straight from the Starbucks secret menu and a must drink during cold and flu season.

The 20 oz. venti size works well because it is a lot of fluids and fluids are important when you are fighting a cold.

jade citrus mint tea bag honey citrus mint tea bag water lemonade honey peppermint stick

Ingredients Needed

1. Measure out the lemonade and the water. 2. Heat the lemonade and the water in the microwave until hot.

3. Pout the hot lemonade and water in a large, heat proof mug or cup. 4. Add the tea bags to the lemonade water.

5.Brew the teabags for 5 minutes. 6. Add peppermint syrup or the peppermint stick if desired.

Breathe deep and  enjoy!

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